Cinnamon Bear Enjoying a Moment

Cinnamon Bear Enjoying a Moment 

Polar Bear @ Winnipeg Assinboine Zoo
Esplanade Riel Bridge - Winnipeg
Mallard Ducks Relaxing on the Red in St. Andrews MB

Butterfly @ Winnipeg Assinboine zoo
Cedar Waxwing
Pelican on the Red in St Andrews MB
Cuban Heron 

Pelican Ballet
Pair of Bald Eagles
Owlet in Oakhammock Marsh 
Barn Owl
White Daisy
Medieval Festival in Cooks Creek MB - Getting ready to Joust 
Lake View 
Boardwalk in Fort Whyte
Cuban Dolphins
Gimli Mb
Bridge by Grand Beach 
Golden Eye Duck
Two Clouds 
Duck Silhouette 
Bald Eagle in a tree
Ground Squirrel at Oak hammock Marsh 
Harley, my sheltie, in his new boots
Blue Heron on the Red River in St Andrews MB
Night Heron in Fort Whyte Alive MB
Nuthatch in St Andrews MB
Bald Eagle in St Andrews MB
Mallard Ducks in Kildonan Park MB
Pelicans in St Andrews MB
Killdeer near Winnipeg MB
Macro inside the flower
Poppy in St Andrews MB
Osprey near Gimli MB
Duck in Oak Hammock Marsh MB
Wood Duck
Selkirk MB Bridge
The Fiddler 
Human Rights Museum Winnipeg MB
Harley the snowy Sheltie
Bee coming in for a Landing :)    St Andrews MB
Northern Flicker near Hecla MB 
Squirrel just hangin' around St Andrews MB 
Oak Hammock Marsh

Two Blue Jays Sharing Lunch 
Burrowing Owl 
Cancun Waves
Snorkeling in Cancun
Snorkeling in Cuba
Downtown Winnipeg Stone Carved Lions
Female Wood Duck in Kildonan Park 
The Bench - Kennedy House 
Frosted Bud
Oak Hammock Marsh 
Contemplation - Deer in Pinawa MB

Ducklings in Oak Hammock Marsh
Boats in Cuba 
Downtown Winnipeg
Human Rights Museum Winnipeg 
Sunset in Cuba
Frozen Tear Drop
Shovel Billed Ducks - Oak Hammock Marsh
Water Drops after the Fog
Eye See You

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