When the city is too much handle - it's time to leave
Gulls hitching a ride on ice 
Owlet hiding in a duck nest 
Duck Abstract 
Captain Harley 
The Gift 
I remember when horses roamed the earth 
Bird Painting 
Ducks in a Row
I see you - one happy sheltie puppy 
Colored Swirl Abstract
One wet Sheltie
Hello from Cuba
Yellow Flower
Enough with the snow!
Babe in the window
It's Time to ride! 
Pelican on the River
Every Squirrel loves their nuts
Rocks and Flowers
The Barn
I Dreamt of Paris
St Andrew Church 
Monks by the River - Calm 
The Blob
Time to Ride my Bicycle 
The soft heart
Here's looking at you - Squirrel 
Flower Buds
Peace by the Ocean 
Christmas Card
Viking near Gimli MB
Horse near Cooks Creek MB 
Winter St Andrews 
Abstract - Survival 
After the Hurricane - Cuba
The Storm
Poppy Love

Rainy Pipes

Lady in Green

King and Queen

Lady in Brown

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